Best Time of Year to Prune Trees

  • Posted on: 12 April 2018
  • By: Matt Bell

No Living organism can grow beyond the limits of the energy available to keep order with all of it's parts and processessA trees energy levels fluctuate throughout each season.1. Onset of growth2. Formation of leaves and needles3. High Photosynthesis4. Formation of wood and storage of energy 5. Dormancy Assessing trees and making recommendations, requires knowing that:all organism associated with the tree have penological periodstree work recommendations affect both the tree and the associatesthe amount of work will affect potential energythe timing of work can be critical, especially when potentialenergy levels are low (e.g orld or stressed trees)care is needed in the way the work is carried outDOSE- HOW MUCH IS DONE TO THE TREETIMING- WHEN IS IT DONELIMITS- THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF DOSE AND TIMINGConclusion-as the leafs start to fall your tree will have a good store of energy and now is the time, avoid hard frost and not to prune in the early spring when sap is rising  Months end of setember to January subjet to tree species