Hedge Cutting & Shaping

Hedge Cutting and Shaping services​.

People know that formal hedges need trimming regularly to keep their shape but sometimes neglect to trim informal hedges. This is a mistake as informal hedges can become thin and patchy if not pruned regularly. Regular trimming is essential for keeping all types of hedges looking dense and even but undertaking this work without the right equipment can be very time consuming and, even with the equipment, a small slip can be disastrous for the appearance of the hedge particularly with very formal ones.

Our experienced hedge trimmers have the equipment and expertise to trim even the most pristine formal hedges perfectly or keep informal ones looking great and staying healthy. They can undertake regular hedge pruning or complete hedge removal.

If you’re having trouble with an overgrown hedge or want to bring one back to its former glory, call and speak to one of our team.

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Hedge Cutting
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