What Tree Services do we offer?

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Sussex Tree Specialists are proud to offer professional tree services to commercial and domestic customers throughout the South East of the UK.

Having trees on your property can be a real asset but sometimes they can get out of hand and become a problem. 
Our professional tree services can keep trees manageable or, if that isn’t possible, carry out tree and stump removal in a safe way that has a minimal effect on the surrounding areas.  If you need more light or more space or are concerned that a tree on your property might be dying, our skilled tree specialists can advise you on the best course of action to suit your circumstances.

Our tree services are carried out with complete sensitivity to your requirements and situation. All tree services work is undertaken in line with the relevant British Standard producing a reliable, consistent, and high standard of service. 

We are proud to offer the following services:

Crown Reduction & Pruning |  Tree Felling & Removal | Hedge Cutting & Shaping Stump Grinding & Removal |Tree Reports & Surveys  |  Logs Supplied

If you’re unsure which of our tree services would be best suited to your needs, just give us a call and we would be very happy to advise you.


Our tree specialists can thin out branches to allow more light to filter through or to allow the tree more room to grow.  Crown thinning can also be done to make sure branches are spaced evenly and relieve excess pressure on parts of the tree. We can undertake pollarding on some species of tree to stop trees getting too big or to create a certain look. For trees that are simply spreading their branches too far or in an undesirable way, we can shorten and reshape tree crowns to get them back into shape.
View Crown Reduction & Pruning services.

Tree Felling and Removals.

Some home owners are nervous about tree felling because they imagine it’s done like they see lumberjacks doing it in films but that is not necessarily the case.  In smaller urban settings, trees are more typically ‘dismantled’.  This means they are taken carefully apart from the top down to protect surrounding areas from damage.  In some circumstances, our arborists use ropes to carefully lower branches to the ground.
View Tree Felling & Removal services

Hedge Cutting and Shaping.

Our experienced hedge trimmers have the equipment and expertise to trim even the most pristine formal hedges perfectly or keep informal ones looking great and staying healthy.  They can undertake regular hedge pruning or complete hedge removal leaving as little mess behind as possible.
View Hedge cutting & Shaping services.

Tree stump removal is typically done by using a machine to grind up the stump into wood chips.  We remove all the visible roots and the wood chips created can either be used in other parts of the garden or removed.
View Stump Grinding & Removal services.

Tree reports are commissioned by anyone who is responsible for the care and maintenance of trees or anyone who requires a formal assessment of a tree’s or many trees’ condition such as homeowners, local authorities, health boards, housing associations, planners, developers, architects, estate managers and solicitors.
View Tree Reports & Surveys services

As you can imagine, in our line of work, we have a great deal of logged timber available.  We fell all sorts of different type of tree so have a wide range of wood available in an equally wide range of sizes.
View Tree Reports & Surveys services.

Tree Felling & Removal Services | Sussex Tree Specialists

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