Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree Stump Grinding and Removal Services.

Tree stump removal is necessary after trees are cut down. Some people also find they need to remove older tree stumps from their property which are unsightly. Either getting in the way or, in the case of some species like willows, keep growing back. Although there are several methods people can apply to remove tree stumps, using a stump grinding machine is usually the most effective, efficient, and safest method.

Tree stump grinding is the stump removal method of choice because it allows our arborists to remove the entire stump and the visible part of the root structure. It’s also a useful method to use in tight spaces or if tree stumps are in awkward places such as against walls. The chipping’s the machine creates can then be used in other parts of the garden as a mulch or disposed of easily.

Once stumps have been removed, the areas they occupied can be turfed over or landscaped.

Why should I grind out a stump?

Most people choose to grind a stump after a tree removal as it is an eyesore, because it is a tripping or safety hazard, or because they want to plant something else in that area. If you’ve removed a diseased or pest-ridden tree, grinding a stump can help ensure that the disease or pests do not spread. Stump removal also prevents the tree from growing back.

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