Tree Reports and Surveys

Tree Reporting and Surveying Services​

Tree Reports and Surveys are commissioned by anyone who is responsible for the care and maintenance of trees or anyone who requires a formal assessment of a trees or many trees’ such as homeowners, local authorities, health boards, housing associations, planners, developers, architects, estate managers and solicitors. They can be requested as part of a property survey, a health and safety assessment, obtaining an insurance quote, a planning permission request, project planning or inventories.

Our arborists can put together a report tailored to your requirements whether you need a report compiled on a single tree on your property you fear might be at risk of falling over or dropping branches onto nearby property or a large, wooded area you think may be at risk from a tree disease or an insect infestation.

We can identify potential risks before they become problems and make suggestions to stop existing problems getting worse or becoming a hazard.  Whether you need a basic overview of the situation with the trees on your property or a really detailed analysis, we can provide the tree report or survey you need.


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