Tree Felling and Removals

Tree Felling and Removals services

Whether you need to clear a large area of trees for an extension or outbuilding, get rid of a few trees in your garden to make room for a new landscaping scheme or remove a dying tree, we offer a Tree Felling and Removals service to suit you. Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree to allow other trees or plants in the area to thrive and our tree specialists can help you make that decision if you are uncertain about why a wooded area is not doing as well as you’d expected. Our arborists can fell trees in the most appropriate manner for your situation whatever the reason.

With plenty of space, it is simple enough to cut down a tree from the bottom but in a controlled manner to ensure it falls in the desired direction and causes minimal damage to surrounding plant life.  In tighter spaces, we can ‘dismantle’ a tree from the top which involves, exactly as it sounds, taking the tree apart a section at a time to avoid damaging any surrounding structures or risk injuring anyone.  If safety is a particular concern or if the space is very tight, we can use ropes to gentle lower branches down to the ground in a controlled way.


Tailored solutions for any situation

We cut trees down to leave as little stump as possible but can bring in our stump grinding machinery to remove all the stump and visible roots if the stump is likely to be in the way or is unsightly.

Our Tree Felling and Removals services are tailored to suit your situation and needs. As our team have the expertise, experience and training in tree care and tree removal, we can advise you on the best course of action to allow your planted areas to thrive or to completely remove trees in the safest way possible with minimal disruption, as little mess as possible and in a way that’s sympathetic to the surrounding environment including plant life and animals.

If you have any concerns about the trees on your property or need to have a tree removed for any reasons, speak to our team and we can assess exactly what you need and give you a no obligation quote.


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